About us

Dragon Global Investment LLC


Dragon Global Investment LLC , as an enterprise service provider in the region, recently founded by conglomeration of its three Sisters/Partners Companies, Brownfield Industries and SGA Safety Company with decades of background and experiences in development, implementation and marketing of oil & gas and power industries.


Dragon GI’s ability to harness the synergies between its varied businesses in order to transform itself to become an integrated solutions provider in the region to achieve world class knowledge and Service on both of onshore & offshore market in diverse range of industry works.

Dragon GI is registered as one of the Approved Supplier for the Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) for the Oil and Gas Industry in Oman.( Download PDF )


Structure of Organization

Dragon Global Investment LLC is a limited liability company, and its internal ultimate authority is the Board of Directors. The General Manager is held exclusively responsible for daily management.

Human resource management Policy

Our policy is to employ appropriately qualified personnel, provide a safe working environment, pay fair salaries and train and develop the workforce to meet the forecasted staffing requirements.

Staffs are selected for employment on the basis of suitability for a particular post irrespective of race, sex or age. The prime criterion is their ability to do the particular job.

  • We have a continuous commitment to the training and development of staff that is achieved through internal and external courses, academic, professional and technical.
  • We encourage staff development. This is the responsibility of every individual.
  • To achieve the above, all staff is made aware of the various learning process that are available based on projects and Job scope.
  • We have procedures that relate to time off and paid leave for attendance of approved courses.
  • We recognize improvements in performance and make appropriate rewards.
  • We are committed to enhancing all occupational skills as work opportunities permit.
  • We issue job descriptions and job specifications to all employees.

Visions and core values

Dragon GI business is building up the values as genes which determining our thinking, behaviors and allow us to adapt costumer business needs. Our trained and expertise staffs are currently working together and with our customers on the concept of these values basis. Our evolutionary values are as outlined below:

  • √ Flexible but never comprising on safety
  • √ Work to world-class standards
  • √ Trust and Believe on constructive relationships
  • √ Responsibility and focus on customer satisfaction
  •  Innovation and solutions
  • √ promote and reward on merit
  • √ Acting with integrity and commitment
  • √ Financial Responsibility